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Here's a list of our contact information:

Vendor Applications: Jennifer White (229-318-9585); Jill Hilliard: 229-318-0401 & Kevin Justice at



Mr. & Miss Pondtown Pageant: Carol Holt 478-235-1301;

Jill Hilliard 229-318-0401; Carla Alligood 229-315-1854

Pageant applications are available for download from this website.

Pondtown Entertainment: Angie Burch (call or text) 478-231-2225 or email 

Car Show: TBD

Pondtown Festival Parade & Sponsorship: 
Rhine Volunteer Fire Dept.
Alex Cannon 478-697-0334
Casey Owens 229-947-7107

Pondtown Cookoff BBQ Competition: 

Mike Little 478-231-4408

Jeb Staples 478-231-1063

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